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We believe that quality education taught in Portuguese must be available to all Brazilians, should they live here in Orlando, in Florida, or anywhere in the world.

Be part of the vanguard of higher education and study at the American college that speaks Portuguese!


Next classes

February 15, 2021
Postbaccalaureate in Buiness Administration (PBA)
Master of Science in Management
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Science in Legal Studies
Master of Science in Compliance
Master of Science in Dispute Resolution

Application Process

In order to study at Ambra you need to be pass the following steps in the application process

  • 01Fill out the application form.
  • 02Submit you admission documents.
  • 03Pay the $75 dollars application fee.
  • 04Submit essay.
  • 05Complete a telephone interview.
  • 06Ambra will analyze you application.
  • 07Ambra will send you a decision on your acceptance as a student.

Frequently asked questions

Your question may have been already answered.

  • 01 How much is tuition?
    This information is available on the webpage of each program.
  • 02 What documents do I need to apply?
    Government photo ID, proof of address, resume (PDF or Word format), and a digital face picture.

    Additional documentation needed for graduate programs: proof of completion of undergrad degree or equivalent and academic transcript.
  • 03 Is the application process a standardized exam??
    No. The application processe is composed by a combination of objective and subjective criteria. We look for candidates who will benefit from the chosen program and that show capacity of graduating in the desired program.
  • 04 How much is the application fee?
    $75.00 US dollars.
  • 04 Is there any special application process for people who already hold a bachelor’s degree?
    No. All applicants go through the same application process.
  • 06 Can I join the 1 month trial before the application process?
    No. The 1 month trial is just available for those who are approved in the application process.
  • 07 When do classes begin?
    Starting date varies by program. In general, there are two classes, one begining in February and another in August.
  • 08 When can I apply?
    Check out the schedule of the program and class of interest.
  • 09 My application was denied, can I reapply?
    In case of denial, you can try to apply again within 6 months of the denial.