Doing Business in the US

Doing Business in the US

Save time and money by avoiding the main mistakes and traps when venturing in the USA. Get an overview of how to start a business and immigrate to the US in this intensive 1 week workshop.


US Certification

Contituing education certificate of completion issued by Ambra, that is licensed by the Florida Department of Education.

Next workshop on May 21, 2018


$999.00 US dollars.


4 days
Full time.


in Portuguese!


On campus
in Orlando.


People and Immigration

  • Work authorization.
  • Registration with the state.
  • Federal labor law and labor safety.
  • State law (Just-Cause versus At Will)
  • Travel and activities with the B1 visa.
  • L-1A work visa.
  • H-1B work visa.
  • EB-5 investment visa (Green Card).

Companies in the US

  • Types of companies.
  • Starting a company with foreign partners.
  • Necessary documentation.
  • Federal identification (FEIN, EIN, TAX ID).
  • Operation agreement.


  • Social Security.
  • State and Federal taxes.
  • Retail sales taxes (city, county, and state).
  • Business income tax.
  • Registering profit or losses.
  • Bookkeeping.

Culture and relationships

  • Cultural aspects.
  • Communication and negotiation skills.
  • International relations between Brazil and the US.
  • International relations between Florida and Brazil.
  • Speeches from Brazilians living in the US.
  • Conversation with entrepreneurs to better understand their challenges.
  • Networking with possible suppliers / service providers.

Financial operations and credit

  • Documentation.
  • Comparison among banks.
  • Brazilian banks in the US.
  • Money remittance.
  • Understanding and building credit in the US.

On ground operation

  • Choosing a location and format.
  • Types of lease / rent contracts.
  • Technology, workforce and suppliers.
  • Operating and controlling a company residing outside of the US.
  • Licenses.
  • Insurances.
  • Bankruptcy.

Import and export

  • Import/export of goods between Brazil and the US..
  • Customs.
  • Logistics and stocking.
  • International freight.

Immigrating to the US

  • Buying real estate.
  • Renting a residency.
  • Social Security Number.
  • Driver license.
  • Building credit.

Frequently asked questions

Your question may have been already answered.

  • 01 Do I need a visa to attend this workshop?
    You need a B1 (business) visa. If you need assistance for obtaining a visa, please contact an attorney.
  • 02 Will Ambra help me with visa applications?
    The B1/B2 (business/tourism) is the most common visa for Brazilians. Ambra can issue letter of acceptance/registration in the workshop, but any visa application will always be at the discretion of the US government. If you need assistance for obtaining a visa, please contact an attorney.
  • 03 What type of certificate will I earn?
    It is a simple certificate of completion for the workshop issued by Ambra. It is not a degree or academic title.