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Postbac in Business Administration - PBA

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100% professors
holding master's or PhD

100% professors
holding master's or PhD

American Certificate

Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Business Administration

Graduates earn the Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Business Administration issued by Ambra University.

Upon completion of this program, graduates can opt to transfer all credits completed from this program towards the MBA at Ambra University.

Testimonials about Ambra

Watch the testimonials of who really knows Ambra. Listen to what our graduates* have to say.

*Attention! This program has no graduates yet. The following testimonials are from students who graduate at Ambra but in other programs.

"I recommend Ambra to all Brazilians that leave outside of the country (Brazil), because the program is fabulous and professors are very qualified."

Joice Martins (graduate).

Designed thinking of you

You will learn through Case Method how to deal with real world situations, where there is limitation of resources such as budget and personnel. You will develop competencies and abilities to better solve the problems that you already deal with in your job or own company. All that in the company of classmates that reside across the globe and that are experienced professionals dealing with same problems.


Study in Portuguese at an American college
Case Method
Online classes
Soft skills development
Online program
Practical emphasis
Small classes
Individualized guidance
Schedule and location flexibility
American certificate
Conferences with American professors
Optional on campus module in Orlando

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12 months
10 to 15 hours per week.


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Classes in Orlando

Optional* on campus module
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Project Management
Organization and Management


Leadership good practicies
Leadership and Coaching
Leadership in Organizations

Project Management

Project concepts and good practicies
Traditional Project Management
Agile Project Management

Organization and Management

Total quality
Management of processes
Organizational Development


Competitive strategy
Differentiation strategy
Strategic planning

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 01 How do I get in touch for more information about this program?
    Fill out the form on the top of this page to receive more information.
    Furthermore, you can contact us by e-mail, WhatsApp, telephone, or come to visit us at our headquarter. Click here to see our contact information.
  • 02 Is this pba a graduate certificate (lato sensu) or a graduate degree (stricto sensu)?
    The PBA is a graduate certificate (lato sensu), and not a master's degree. Should you be interested in a master's program, Ambra offers an MBA, that is one of the American degrees that carries most prestige around the world. Learn more about our MBA.
  • 03 What certificate is conferred upon completion of this program?
    Graduates are awarded the Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Business Administration.
  • 04 What undergraduate degree is required for enrollment?
    Candidates to the master program must hold at least a Bachelor’s degree.
  • 05 My Bachelor’s degree is not American. Do I have to evaluate it for equivalence?
    If your Bachelor’s degree if from the US, Brazil, Canada, Australia, New Zeeland, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, or England, you might not need to have it evaluated depending on the awarding institution (at the discretion of Ambra when checking your documentation). For degrees from other countries, you will need an evaluation report from any member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services - NACES. In this case, you should contact them directly and check what would be the procedure and cost for evaluating your credentials.
  • 06 Can I transfer credits from other programs to this program at Ambra?
    No. Ambra does not accept transfer of credits for graduate certificate programs.
  • 07 Can I transfer credits from the PBA to other programs at Ambra?
    Yes. You can transfer all credits from the PBA towards Ambra's MBA.
  • 08 Can I transfer credits from Ambra graduate certificate program to other institutions?
    No. Even though the acceptance of credits is decided by the receiving institution, students from this course should not expect to start a graduate certificate program at Ambra to finish at other institution.
  • 09 How many hours of study will I need to commit to?
    Students are recommended to reserve an average of 15 hours weekly per academic term.
  • 10 Is this program entirely over the Internet?
    Yes, the Master of Science in Legal Studies is 100% online.
  • 11 When Ambra mentions “online program” does it mean a program with recorded classes that I just watch them and take exams?
    No. It means a program that is taught through the Internet where each student receives individualized guidance by a professor, similarly to coaching sessions, that utilizes formative assessment and deliberate practice so that each student reaches the objectives of each class and also the program overall objective. For master programs, applicants receive additional details about the teaching-learning process.
  • 12 I know one professor from Ambra, will I have any advantage in the application process?
    No, you will have no advantage if you know or have been a student of our professors.
    Applicants are selected based on information provided and our perceptions throughout the application process by separate committee and not by the whole faculty.
  • 13 What documents do I need to submit with my application?
    You will have to submit digital copies of the following documents:
    - documento oficial de identificação com foto;
    - Government issued photo ID;
    - Proof of address;
    - Bachelor’s degree;
    - Bachelor’s academic transcript;
    - Resume (in PDF or MS Word);
    - Passport picture.
  • 14 Is it possible to take leave of absence?
    Yes, if you have successfully completed at least one course. Leave of absence is limited to 9 consecutive months.
  • 15 What is the maximum timeframe allowed to complete the program?
    Students must complete the program within 2 years from the date of enrollment, including eventual interruptions and leave of absence.
  • 16 How is tuition paid?
    Payments are done using American credit card or credit card enabled to be used internationally.
  • 17 What is the price in currencies other than the US dollar?
    Prices are only in US dollars and there are no prices in other currencies. If you do not reside in the USA and utilize other currency, then your credit card operator will handle the conversion from US dollar to your local currency according to market exchange rate.
  • 18 Does Ambra offer any discount, scholarships, or financing?
    Ambra offers scholarships for: Ambra alumni; Florida residents, need based Florida residents, and family members of Ambra students and alumni. Learn more.
  • 19 Does Ambra offer classes for non-degree seeking students?
  • 20 In what language is this program taught??
    Main language of instruction Portuguese and all assessments are in Portuguese.
  • 21 What is the level of English necessary to study?
    It is necessary that you are able to comprehend texts in English. During the program, you will have mandatory reading materials written in English and you will need to understand them.
  • 22 Because this program is taught in Portuguese, is this a program or Brazilian institution?
    Ambra is an American institution headquartered in Orlando (USA) and licensed by the FL-DOE – Florida Department of Education (License CIE#4001). Understand why Ambra teaches in Portuguese.
  • 23 Who licenses and inspects Ambra?
    Ambra’s only location is in Orlando (USA) and Ambra is licensed by the Florida Department of Education (FL-DOE), license CIE-4001. Learn more about licensure of colleges in Florida.
  • 24 What is the full name of Ambra College?
    American College of Brazilian Studies.
  • 25 What is the “portaria” or license number of Ambra with the FL-DOE?
    The term in English equivalent to the term in Portuguese “portaria” is license. Licensure of private higher education institutions located in Florida is done by the Commission for Independent Education – Florida Department of Education. Ambra’s license number with the FL-DOE is CIE-4001. Learn more about Learn more about licensure of colleges in Florida.
  • 26 On what website of the FL-DOE can I see Ambra listed a licensed school?
    The FL-DOE publishes list of private higher education institutions on the following link: http://links.portalambra.com/fl-doe-lista-instituicoes. There you can find the American College of Brazilian Studies listed as licensed. Learn more about licensure of colleges in Florida.
  • 27 On what website of the FL-DOE can I see the list of programs Ambra can offer?
    The FL-DOE publishes on the following link the list of all programs approved for Ambra: http://links.portalambra.com/fl-doe-ambra-lista-de-cursos.
  • 28 Are Ambra degrees American?
    Ambra is a higher education institution regulated in the USA. Each degree offered was individually evaluated and approved by the Florida Department of Education (License CIE-4001) in order to guarantee their quality. Learn more about licensure of colleges in Florida.
  • 29 How often is Ambra inspected?
    Higher education institutions located in the USA and, specially, in the state of Florida are constantly and proactively inspected by the Florida Department of Education (FL-DOE) in order to guarantee the quality of the programs offered. The FL-DOE inspects institutions within its jurisdiction annualy.
  • 30 What criteria are inspected by the FL-DOE (Florida Department of Education)?
    Annually, the American College of Brazilian Studies and other Florida institutions are inspected by the FL-DOE in order to attest compliance with the following criteria: Name, Purpose, Administrative Organization, Educational Programs and Curricula, Recruitment and Admissions, Finances, Faculty, Library, Learning Resources, Information Services, Physical Facilities, Students Services, Publications and Advertising, and Disclosures.
  • 31 How does Ambra choose its professors?
    To be hired as a professor at Ambra, candidates must go through the following application process.
  • 32 Can an institution that has “College” in its name offer programs at the graduate level?
    In the USA, there is no practical nor licensure difference between institutions that utilize the name “College” or “University” and the choice of either names is up to the institution. Both, “College” and “University”, can obtain governmental authorization to offer programs up to the doctorate (PhD) level. Understand the difference between “College” and “University” in the USA.
  • 33 Where is Ambra headquartered? Can I visit Ambra?
    Yes, you can visit Ambra headquarter on any business day from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Ambra is located at 37 N. Orange Ave., suite 500, Orlando, FL 32801 (USA) in Downtown Orlando.
    Our institution is from the information era and we utilize the internet to work. We keep enough physical space only for activities that need to be done on-site and, by standard, our employees work with location flexibility through the Internet. Most of our professors and professionals work remotely.
  • 34 Is Ambra accredited?
    No. Ambra has not sought accreditation yet.
  • 35 Is accreditation required to award American degrees?
    Accreditation is optional in the USA and licensure is the only legal requirement to award American degrees.
  • 36 What is the importance of accreditation?
    Accreditation is an important optional step that attests the quality of the institution by a non-governmental third party agency and, mainly, enables the institution to have access to the student Federal Financial Aid (Title IV). You can obtain further information on the difference between accreditation and licensing by contacting the Florida Department of Education.