Comparative Law
Brazil, the USA, and China.

Enroll in an online Master's program course at Ambra University and learn how to contextualize foreign law into your home country's law.

Lack of knowledge in comparative law is a weakness because:


A lot of case law and legislation are inspired by or based on foreign law.


Lack of knowledge in comparative law makes legal arguments shallow and in many occasions wrong.


Deep knowledge in comparative law is something rare, exclusive, and hard to access.

Master Comparative Law

become exclusive

Join the selective group of professionals and scholars who master the Methodology of Comparative Law.

build Authority

Make your competition irrelevant in discussions about legal subjects inspired by foreign law.

acquire knowledge

Learn about the laws of the USA and China and understand how to contextualize them from the perspective of the Brazilian law.

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of excellence

Douglas Castro, PhD.

  • Universidade de São Paulo, PhD.
  • Brigham Young University, LLM.
  • Universidade de São Paulo, Master of Law.
  • Head Professor of the Law Center for Advanced Studies in International Law and Politics (CAS-ILP) at Ambra University.

Shaoming Zhu, S.J.D.

  • The Pennsylvania State University, The Dickinson School of Law, S.J.D.
  • Beijing Normal University, Master of Law (Valedictorian).
  • Chang’an University, Bachelor of Law (Valedictorian).
  • Founder of the Foundation for Law and International Affairs.

Asen Velinov, S.J.D. Candidate.

  • Attorney at law and senior partner at “Velinov and partners” Consulting House (Bulgaria).
  • Law degree, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” (Bulgaria).
  • Expert in Internationalization between USA, China, and Bulgaria.

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We have been in the market for over ten years providing premium distance education.


90% of classes at Ambra University have from 10 to 20 students.

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Our professor will know you by name, and you will learn.

Many institutions offer programs composed mainly of recorded classes with little or no interaction between student and professor. If any interaction exists, it is usually reactive and done by tutors who do not hold the same credentials nor have the same experience as the professor who recorded the classes. Those programs are intended for massive audiences. Their main objective is to distribute the same content to thousands of students, focusing on broadcasting content, diluting costs, and profit by economies of scale.

Those courses add little in terms of deep learning because they do not offer feedback from the content producer to students.

In the end, courses like that frustrate students who search for differentiation and deep knowledge. They end up dropping out with the feeling that they have wasted time and money.

A Ambra University acredita no contato efetivo entre aluno e professor, ensinando dessa maneira há mais de 10 anos. Conhecemos os caminhos para que você tenha uma experiência educacional.

We gather professors of excellence who provide you with individualized guidance in deep and high-level discussions, utilizing the CAP Method®.

Throughout our programs of study, you will be impressed with your intellectual growth, how you will network with your classmates and professors, and the new professional opportunities that will open to you.

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You will learn

The Methodology of Comparative Law

Overview of the Chinese Law

Overview of the US Law

And will count on ...

Online live sessions for practical discussions

Seminars on Comparative Law

Production of a final article with possibility of publication*

* Possibility of publication by the The Foundation for Law and International Affairs Review – FLIA Review (P-ISSN: 2576-6619; E-ISSN: 2576-6619), quarterly scientific journal with double blind evaluation. Publication is conditioned to approval by FLIA through the double blind peer review process.

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"... Ambra uses a method of recorded classes combined with live sessions with students and professor. It is very demanding, we take quarterly modules, and the faculty is excellent."

Marcus Magalhães (judge in Brazil and Master's student at Ambra).

Planning of the Comparative Law course

Know the details, content, organization, and structure of the Master's level course of Comparative Law that will be offered between October 2020 and January 2021.

Douglas Castro, PhD. (Master's program professor de mestrando at Ambra).


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The course in offered entirely in English. It is necessary to be fluent in English to take the course.

Students who finish the course with a passing grade will receive a statement of successful completion of the course.

Há processo seletivo simplificado. Cadastre-se na lista de espera para receber mais detalhes quando a data da próxima turma for definida.

Yes. At the end of the course, the student must present a written article on comparative law and make an oral presentation in English.

The best articles may be published by The Foundation for Law and International Affairs Review. 

You will be enrolled in one course as a non-degree seeking student, with no enrollment in the master's program.

Em caso de aprovação na disciplina, você poderá aproveitá-la no mestrado da Ambra caso você venha a se matricular em até 1 ano da data do início do período letivo. Não é possível aproveitar a disciplina em outras instituições de ensino.