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Reach your intellectual potential and become an authority. Then, stand out professionally by enrolling in premium master's or certificate programs 100% through the Internet at Ambra University.

Higher education of excellence with small classes and frequent and individualized guidance by professors holding doctorate degrees and broad professional experience.

We understand the
challenges to find
the right institution:

Lack of

All institutions claim to offer quality education.

Low academic

Low academic rigor and professors who are not well qualified.

Lack of

Lack of individualized guidance by professors and advisors that do not advise.


Uninterested and inexperienced classmates.


Academic excellence is restricted to large urban areas.


Lack of flexible schedule, compromising fixed blocks of time.

Ambra University solves all these challenges

become exclusive

Join the exclusive group of professionals and scholars that master theory and practice in their field.

build Authority

Make your competition irrelevant in technical discussions and confirm yourself as an authority by publishing papers.

acquire knowledge

Master the advanced theory and professional practice in your field.

You, at your whole intellectual
and professional potential!

How does it work?


to the desired


Study for one month with no
financial risk and decide
if you would like to continue.


Receive premium online higher education on your schedule, in Portuguese, with an American degree.

Licensing and Accreditation

Ambra University is
an American university licensed by the
Commission for Independent Education
Florida Department of Education
(license CIE-4001)


We have been in the market for over fourteen years, providing premium distance education.


90% of classes at Ambra University have from 10 to 20 students.


Below there are some organizations that trust Ambra University
for the education of their members

Watch when the Florida Department of Education
approved Ambra University to
change from "college" to "university."

Our professor will know you by name, and you will learn.

Many institutions offer programs composed mainly of recorded classes with little or no interaction between students and professors. If any interaction exists, it is usually reactive and done by tutors who do not hold the same credentials nor have the same experience as the professor who recorded the classes. Those programs are intended for massive audiences. Their main objective is to distribute the same content to hundreds of students, focusing on broadcasting content, diluting costs, and profit by economies of scale.

Those courses add little in terms of deep learning because they do not offer feedback from the content producer to students. 

In the end, courses like that frustrate students who search for differentiation and deep knowledge. They end up dropping out with the feeling that they have wasted time and money.

Ambra University believes in the effective interaction between student and professor, teaching this way through the Internet for over ten years. As a result, we know the ways for you to have a premium educational experience.

We gather professors of excellence who provide you with individualized guidance in deep and high-level discussions, utilizing the CAP Method®.

Throughout our programs of study, you will be impressed with your intellectual growth, how you will network with your classmates and professors, and the new professional opportunities that will open to you.

By earning a university degree that most of its graduates are excellent professionals, the market will assume that you are excellent.

It is tough to stand out professionally after earning a degree from an institution that most of its graduates are low-quality professionals, even when you are an outlier.

People and companies tend to simplify choosing professionals and assume that your abilities will be similar to other professionals from the same institution where you graduated.

Namely, suppose you earn a degree from a massive institution that graduates many low-quality professionals. In that case, you will forever carry the stigma that you are a low-quality professional unless you prove it otherwise.

Ambra University understands this phenomenon and invests so that only high potential professionals are accepted through the application process, pass through our learning process of excellence, and finish the academic program as a professional that stands out.

Students and graduates at Ambra University are, by default, excellent professionals. When you graduate from Ambra, you will be recognized as belonging to a select group of professionals that are differentiated as a general rule.

What are you looking for: information or education?

A graduate program must offer not only content but also in-depth training and knowledge for your time and financial investment to pay off.

To find out if you will be investing in something that will only offer you information/content, just ask the following 4 questions:

1) Who are the professors?

If you liked the quality of the professors, then proceed with the following questions:

2) Will these professors know me by name?

3) Will I have the opportunity to meet with these professors live to ask questions regularly throughout the program?

4) How is the teaching-learning process (teaching methods and procedures and monitoring among students, professors, and the institution)?

In addition to being satisfied with the quality of the professors, these professors must get to know you and be able to give you individual assistance in a structured and planned teaching-learning process. Otherwise, you will be joining a mass course focused on selling content in scale. The people listed as professors in courses like that act only as content producers. They do not provide feedback and constant monitoring to students. This is not higher education, but only information.

Know in what you are investing. Content and information alone are widely disseminated and available in the information age. The best content producers in the world offer access to their content at a very low cost or even free. You can access great content at low or no cost on platforms like Khan Academy, Coursera, EdX, Masterclass, and so many others.

That is, you do not need to invest in higher education at any level just to have access to excellent information or content!

At Ambra University, you will be investing in excellent training with constant contact with professors, and not just content.

Our Premium
commitment to you

Small classes with frequent guidance.

Professors of excellence who will know you by name.

Classmates who are engaged in learning and relevant networking.

Publish papers to confirm your authority.

Very high intellectual growth for you to stand out professionally.

Try out the first month of classes with no financial risks.

In-person workshops
in Orlando

During our master's programs, you have the option to
attend in-person workshops in Orlando.

The workshops are optional, charged separately, and
have a duration of 1 to 2 weeks.

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"... Ambra uses a method of recorded classes combined with live sessions with students and professor. It is very demanding, we take quarterly modules, and the faculty is excellent."

Marcus Magalhães (judge in Brazil and Master's student at Ambra).

Chat with master's student

The quality of the program is spectacular. The fact that the program is online with this level of excellence surprised me and the program raised in my evaluation criteria."

Karen Stummer (attorney (Brazil) and master's student).

Master's thesis defense

Watch a public master's thesis defense at Ambra University.


Master's student: Marcus Abreu de Magalhães (judge and master's graduate at Ambra University).

Evaluation board:
– Prof. Dr. Fernando Boarato Meneguin (Orientador)
– Prof. Dr. Tiago Ivo Odon (Ambra – USA)
– Prof. Dr. Leonardo Rabelo (UVA – Brasil)
– Prof. Dr. Luiz Paulo Germano (FARGS – Brasil)

Would you like to learn more?

"At Ambra, professors are jovial. They cheer with students. Moreover, what I like a lot is that they are critics, but it is a type of critic that is well received because there is the care with it. When you receive it, you know you are learning more."

Carlo Barbieri (business owner and master's student).

“O que me chamou atenção, de fato, foi a questão de ter contato direto com os professores e a turma ser pequena. Percebi que não seria igual ao EAD que estamos acostumados, com a distância e frieza… é algo muito prático, colaborativo”

Amanda Carniel (magistrada e mestranda na Ambra).

“É um EAD, mas não é um EAD tradicional… Não é um curso de EAD simples, além das aulas gravadas você tem as aulas ao vivo, com professores altamente qualificados. Até agora não tive nenhuma aula com professor que não tivesse Doutorado, e a maioria com pós doutorado em Direito”

Rodolfo Pedro Bom ( mestrando na Ambra).

CAP Method®

The teaching method that is
revolutionizing American education!

Our methodology is grounded in three pillars: the development of Competencies (C), formative assessment (A), and deliberate Practice (P); so that we can deliver all the benefits of academic learning to your professional development.

The CAP Method® is the teaching method developed by Ambra that provides excellence in the teaching-learning process for both distance and in-person education.

This methodology is registered as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Downtown Orlando

Ambra University is physically located for ten years in the same address in downtown Orlando and goes through annual in-person inspection by the Florida Department of Education.

Our offices are located at Executive Suites at 37 North Orange Avenue Suite 500, and the headquarters offer dedicated office, conference rooms, lounge, kitchen, restrooms, and count with technical and administrative support to students. Check out the entrance of the building where Ambra is located.

Ambra programs are primarily through the Internet, and in-person events occur in the conference centers of hotels in Orlando.


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