Postdoctorate program in Arbitration

Join Ambra University’s online postdoctoral program.

Post-Doctorate for those who wish to raise the level of their performance in Arbitration and International Arbitration.

USA postdoctorate

You will add the United States of America to your resume with the postdoctoral certificate from Ambra University.

We will work to ensure that you complete your postdoctoral internship with the greatest personal, professional, and curricular benefit.

Multiple Possibilities

You choose to develop your research among different possibilities within the world of arbitration, international arbitration, online dispute resolution, dispute boards, etc. 

Leadership (Optional)

You will lead a group of master's students during your postdoctoral studies with the support of your supervisor. You will expand your knowledge, your networking, and your indicators of excellence.

How to enroll?


Apply to one
of the seats.


Start your Post-Doctorate under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Brantes, if accepted.


Complete your postdoctoral internship and become certified by Ambra University.

Supervisor of the Postdoctorate in Arbitration

Daniel Brantes, PhD.

Advogado, Consultor e Árbitro. Sócio fundador da DBF Law Advogados. Mais de 15 anos de experiência em advocacia, ensino jurídico e arbitragem. Fellow no Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb). Editor-chefe da Revista Brasileira de Alternative Dispute Resolution. Pesquisador visitante na Law School da State University of New York at Buffalo.


Offered by

Licensing and Accreditation

American university licensed by the
Commission for Independent Education
Florida Department of Education
(license CIE-4001)


We have been in the market for over fourteen years, providing premium distance education.


90% of classes at Ambra University have from 10 to 20 students.

Scope of the postdoctoral program in arbitration

The Postdoctoral Program in Arbitration is an advanced academic development program that provides a broad theoretical and practical foundation in arbitration.

Throughout the postdoctoral internship, the researcher will carry out research, work on publications, organize events, or perhaps be the leader of a research group or studies group on the topic of their research.

The Program is offered by Ambra University, which is licensed by the Florida Department of Education in the United States of America.

The standard duration of the postdoctoral program is 12 months, with an estimated weekly commitment of 10 hours to studies. 

The minimum period for completing the program is 9 months, and the maximum period is 24 months. If the term is extended beyond twelve months, there are additional charges.

With this Post-Doctoral internship, Ambra reinforces its commitment to offering innovative educational initiatives to develop the academic world and improve doctors in all areas of knowledge.

Tuition Options

12 installments

$ 500
00 USD
  • or 6x of $1,000.00
  • or 1x of $5,700.00

*All values are in US dollars.


Dates for registration in the application process

Registrations are always open

Start date of postdoctoral internship

Upon acceptance in the application process


Two open seats.


No. We accept doctors who are interested in researching arbitration, international arbitration, and similar topics.

Applications are always open. Therefore, if your application is accepted, you can start your journey in the Program immediately.

Once the initial seats are filled, we will have new vacancies after the first postdoctoral fellows have completed their studies.

We will contact you after the Application Process has been completed with procedural information for starting the postdoctoral program.

The participant must organize themselves to:

  • Participate in virtual academic activities at Ambra.
  • Meet periodically with the supervisor
  • Lead a center or group of research/studies on the topic.


All postdoctoral activities are carried out through the internet. We use synchronous solutions such as Zoom, Meet or Teams, asynchronous solutions in the virtual learning environment. and other communication and collaboration tools.

No. Participation is optional.

Ambra University events in Orlando are optional and exclusively in person.

Write and submit five scientific articles, which will serve as final work in journals with criteria set by Ambra University. 

Articles must be published in journals classified and indexed according to specific criteria available in the postdoctoral space on the Virtual Campus. In short, articles must be accepted in journals indexed at levels Q1, Q2, Q3 of Scopus or A1, A2, A3 or A4 of Qualis.


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